Does being skinny mean you are healthy?

Does being skinny mean you are healthy?


Let’s get the skinny on getting skinny.  

Do you want to be skinny?  We all choose to train, workout or exercise for many different reasons.  Some athletes believe thinner is better.  They agree with the Wallis Simpson quote,  “You can never be too rich or too thin”.  Wallis Simpson got it wrong, at least for the too thin part.

Do you train to be skinny?

It doesn’t matter your reason for wanting to train. Most people believe that being skinny and lean means they are healthy. If there’s a universal truth in health news lately, it’s that being overweight isn’t good for your health.    Is this true?
It’s a question with real consequences. Many of the athletes I coach express frustration with their size. They let me know their concern for their health.  Most researchers agree that it’s unhealthy for the average person to be, say, 300 pounds. A few extra pounds is a different matter altogether.


Skinny findings?

Most of us want to look and perform well.  That doesn’t mean if we don’t achieve our body composition goals that we are not healthy. If you have a little extra padding, you might like some of the news coming from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
Katherine Flegal led a team of epidemiologists to find some pretty interesting results. Her team reported that people deemed ‘overweight’ were 6% less likely to die. Yes, you read that right. Overweight individuals lived 6% longer than normal weight individuals. Flegal conducted a meta-analysis of 97 studies. The studies including 2.88 million people. The results are in the January in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)1.
If you are an athlete with a few extra pounds, you are likely to sigh with relief.  Being slightly overweight does not mean you are going to drop dead anytime soon.
We all want to look good on race day.  You may not look like a swimsuit model in your tri suit.  Don’t worry, a few extra pounds are not going to decrease your odds of living a long and healthy life.  

How to be fit and healthy no matter how skinny you are.

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