Simple Guide to Navigate the Holidays

It can be tough to navigate the holidays.  There are many demands on our time, on our budgets. Holiday junk food is everywhere.  Here are some tips to help navigate the holidays. I want you to enjoy them with ease and without adding the extra inches to your waistline.


1.  Navigate with a plan

“Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail”  rumored quote by Benjamin Franklin.  Regardless of who said it, it is true.  Plan your holiday budget, budget your time, and plan your meals.  Plan time to go to the grocery store or order your food online.  Make sure you have easy to fix, healthy, protein-rich food around.  Getting your protein requirements in will help you to feel full and satisfied.  You will be less tempted to eat junk food if you are not ravenous.

2.  Navigate the garbage – Throw out holiday junk food

During the holidays, homemade cookies, candies, and cakes are a favorite gift to give.   Many families love to cook together for the holidays.  Co-workers bring sweets to the office and it is hard to avoid cookie exchanges.  There is no need to be rude and reject the gift.  The gift is in the giving, that doesn’t mean you need to eat the food.  When the giver is not around, dispose of the food in the garbage.  It is better placed than to eat it and deal with the grief, guilt, and bloat from eating the holiday junk food.

3.  Navigate your fitness – Stick to your regular exercise schedule

Your mind and body will be more resilient with the regular fitness routine.  Sticking to your regular workouts will help with stress. This will strengthen your resolve, give you willpower, and help manage stress. Exercise makes us feel better.  Don’t use the trip to the gym or your run as an excuse to indulge.


4.  Navigate your stress.

Stress and depression can ruin your holidays and your health.  Holiday meditation will help reduce stress.  When stressed, we likely to give in to sugary sweets when we wear down our willpower.  Be realistic about holiday demands on your time.  Don’t be afraid to say NO to some commitments. Stick to the holiday budget. Your holidays don’t need to be perfect to wonderful.  Take a breather if you need to.  Go for a walk, listen to relaxing music, or go for a message.

Take charge, Navigate your actions. 

Don’t let the actions you took during the holidays lead to regrets in 2018. Take steps to prevent stress and weight gain over the holidays. These steps help prevent depression. Recognize your holiday triggers. Financial pressures or personal demands are popular triggers. Identify yours to combat them before they lead to a meltdown with the leftover fudge. Plan ahead and you will enjoy spending the holidays in your skinny jeans. Leave the baggy sweats in the back of the closet.
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