Declutter – Top 5 Ways to Live a Happier Life

Top 5 ways to declutter to live a happier life.  Have you ever experienced stress?  Of course, you have, there is not a human alive who has not experienced some sort of stress.  As many people know, stress can hurt your performance and your health.   Stress negatively affects the body’s ability to get into a state of fat burning.

There are many articles to help reduce stress, but I think there is a better strategy.  Decluttering life and cutting the stress out before it happens. Cutting stress can mean making tough decisions, but it will help you have a happier life.

Here are my top five recommendations to have a happier life:

1.  Declutter your possessions

Items in your home and immediate surroundings should bring you joy and happy memories.  The clothes in your closet and in your drawers should all make you feel happy to wear them.  Go through your possessions. If you have items that are sitting around and taking up space, give them away or donate to charity.  There is someone out there that could be enjoying that item and by getting rid of it, it allows you the space to have peace and enjoyment in your surroundings.

2.  Declutter your calendar

Most of us have full calendars with work, family, and recreational commitments.  Learning to say “yes” to things you love to do and “no” to-non essentials and events that bring you happiness will leave you feeling more refreshed and less stressed.

3.  Declutter your goals

In endurance training, my clients are only allowed one “A” primary race every six months.  The same should apply to life goals as well.  Focusing only on one goal at a time increases the likelihood that you will not only reach but exceed the goal.  Multiple goals is a sure way of doing a couple of things badly.

4.  Decluttering your thoughts

Every thought that we have has a chemical reaction.  Those chemicals determine your feelings of happiness.  Practicing gratitude and forgiveness is a great way to amplify happy brain chemicals, reducing stress chemicals letting you live a happier life.

5.  Decluttering your media

Focus your time and energy on media that enriches your life and helps you reach your goals.  Watching sensational news stories and negative reporting distracts you from your goals and detracts from your quality of life.

Every moment of the day we have the opportunity to reduce stress and choose happiness. Decluttering life allows you to destress and make space for happiness.

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