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Keto for Endurance Athletes – Becoming Keto-Adapted

By Coach Stephanie / October 2, 2022

Keto for Endurance Athletes – Becoming Keto-Adapted Are you wondering if keto is beneficial for endurance athletes? Comment your thoughts on keto-adapted athlete. Let’s Define Endurance Exercise Endurance exercise generally refers to activities that increase aerobic capacity. During aerobic exercise, our oxygen consumption balances with our oxygen production.  This is what I coach, endurance athletes […]


The Differences Between Being Fit and Healthy

By Coach Stephanie / June 18, 2019

Many athletes think because they are thin and fast that they are healthy. Unfortunately, many find out much too late that this is simply not true. Excessive carbohydrates in the bloodstream cause damage. This is regardless of the amount of stored body fat or how fast you move.


Cheating on Your Keto Diet During Vacation?

By Coach Stephanie / June 12, 2019

Is it OK to Cheat on Your Ketogenic Diet? Cheating on Vacation, is it OK to Cheat on Your Ketogenic Diet? Should you? Could you? What are the consequences? I would hope that everyone reading this has been able to vacation at least once per year. Sometimes that vacation includes a trip of a lifetime, […]


Why Endurance Athletes Should Go Keto

By Coach Stephanie / July 11, 2018

Why Every Endurance Athlete Should Go Keto Dietary ketosis or “keto” is becoming more popular. It is a strategy everyone is asking about. Ketosis or a ketogenic is a process where your body learns to burn fat as its primary source of fuel. This process is called fat adaptation. Fat adaptation offers everything an endurance […]

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Running, Why It Won’t Make You Thin…and What To Do About It.

By Coach Stephanie / May 29, 2018

Does Running Make You Thin? It might surprising to some to think of being a fat runner? At one time I thought running was the fastest way to get in shape. When my youngest son started school I thought it was time I got fit. Surely if I ran a marathon I would lose the […]


Ketogenic diet for endurance athletes?

By Coach Stephanie / March 16, 2018

Ketogenic diet for endurance athletes? A ketogenic diet is a diet where the body uses ketones as the primary source for fuel. There are many other names for a ketogenic diet. Other names are fat adapted, keto adapted, ketogenic diet, low carb diet, low carb high fat (LCHF).  Regardless of the name, the process is […]